ALIPH Housing Rules & Policies
2023 Essential Foundations Summer Dawrah

At ALIPH housing, our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment that is most suitable for students to excel in their programs of study.  Thus, the following rules are in place for all housing residents.  As an ALIPH student, please remember that you are here to pursue an essential program of study that will benefit you and others, in sha’ Allah, and the expectation for you is that you will commit yourself to behave in accordance with the best of Islamic manners, as is suitable for a student of knowledge.

To maintain order, cleanliness, and the comfort of all students residing in the ALIPH housing, please abide by the following limitations on items that are permitted into each house. Storage space per student is limited, and any student who brings items in excess of what is stated below may be asked by the ALIPH administration to store them off campus.

Required Items (Not provided by housing):

1Pillow and pillowcase1Sleeping bag

Suggested Items:

No. ItemNo.Item
2^Abayah / Qamis2-3Head scarves (females)
2Jeans/pants1-2Qalansuwahs (males)
4Shirts1Big towel
1‘Izar1Small towel
Socks & underclothing (as needed)1Toothbrush and toothpaste
1Pair of shoes1Bar/bottle of soap
1Pair of sandals or slippers1Bottle of shampoo
1-2Notebooks for note taking2-3Pencils/pens (as needed)
1Air mattress (males)

** Students requiring specific medications or necessary medical devices (documented by a medical doctor) may bring what is need.

Please check each of the boxes and sign at the bottom.