About ALIPH Arabic is a glorified language; it is the language of the people of Paradise, the language…

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It’s Time to Learn Arabic & the Qur’an

It’s Time to Learn Arabic & the Qur’an

Our mission is to make learning Qur’an for kids and adults online easy and achievable

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Together We Can Achieve Great Things

Together We Can Achieve Great Things

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Using our advanced online platform, we can teach students of all ages from anywhere in the world.


Each class has a rigorous curriculum in place to ensure all students learn the required material.


All of our teachers learned from scholars who learned from scholars, linking back to the Prophet ﷺ.


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About ALIPH Adults

About ALIPH Arabic is a glorified language; it is the language of the people of Paradise, the language…

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AMITY – General Courses for Youth Below, you will find brief information on our general courses for today’s…

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The most important objective of AMITY is to spread the correct knowledge of the Religion—teaching Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam—by spreading the Islamic Obligatory Knowledge and supporting it with clear evidence.

AMITY set its objectives with the realization that victory over evil, triumph over heinous terrorism and prevalence of true and realistic moderation can only be achieved by spreading religious education and propagating goodness among people—knowing that society can only be reformed through piety and fear of Allah.

AMITY is an effort emanating from burdened hearts calling for moderation and justice much lost to the absence of wisdom and understanding among the key players orchestrating the “War on Terror.”

AMITY echoes a genuine cry to shun extremism through shedding light on proper Islam while putting in perspective that agreement and disagreement about the principles of Islam, like any other set of principles, shall be argued according to sound intellect.

Muslims throughout history have battled within their own communities against extremism and have succeeded. The success is due to an essential element among the elements of their war against extremism and heinous terror, namely spreading and instilling the correct and authentic knowledge about Islam in the hearts of people.


AMITY strives to teach Islam as well as the importance of functioning within society. Through its many endeavors, AMITY contributes to the well-being of humanity without compromising the values and principles of Islam.

 AMITY sponsors secular and religious education. We have preschools, elementary schools, secondary schools, as well as weekend programs used as a springboard to full-time education. We have also set a goal to enter the university level within the near future.

 AMITY offers Religious education through public and private lessons.

 AMITY has various broadcasting stations transmitting the teachings of Islam, madih (Islamic praises), and pertinent information including the advertising of upcoming AMITY events.

 AMITY sponsors events celebrating the Islamic occasions and holidays, bringing the practice of the Religion to the minds of the people.

 AMITY offers summer youth activities, including educational camps and Sports Teams.

 AMITY takes part in conferences and has been internationally invited as guest speakers in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, and Africa.

 AMITY sponsors scouting programs for boys and girls; social programs and craft programs for women, including luncheons and fashion shows; as well as planning and executing various conferences.

AMITY has been involved in teaching inmates of correctional institutions at the state and federal penitentiaries throughout the United States. These contributions and benefits have been commended by the Muslim inmates as well as the institutions’ officials.

Our Team

For 20 years our teachers have been teaching in-person at our schools in North America. Our schools are a beacon of light and our children are the shining hope of the future.

Protecting one’s self and family from the unbearable fire is achieved by learning the religious knowledge that Allah made an obligation upon every accountable person to acquire, and by teaching it to the family. One cannot be a pious Muslim when one does not fulfill the religious obligations and does not avoid the matters that Allah made forbidden.

The way to knowing the obligations and prohibitions is by acquiring the religious knowledge from those who have it. Hence, the guardian of the children must teach them the belief that Allah is clear of having any similarity to the creations and the obligatory and forbidden matters, such as teaching them the essential parts of taharah (purification) and salah (prayer).

In the present time of social decay, the religious education and raising of the children is not an easy matter, especially that most schools do not place such education as their top priority. There is no doubt that such education improves the welfare of the children and results in their well being in this life and the life after.