Youth Qur’an and Islamic Studies Program

$40.00 / month



Welcome to AMITY’s
Youth Qur’an and Islamic Studies Program!

(ONLINE “Live” Classes)

Our main objective in this program is to teach today’s youth how to read from the Qur’an while pronouncing the letters correctly and applying the rules of tajwid.  To achieve this, we offer multiple student-levels.  Students who start with the program learn how to identify the Arabic letters, and they are guided by their teachers to read words on their own until they are able to read independently from the Qur’an.  Students in the upper levels are guided to read independently and properly from the Qur’an using the rules of tajwid.  Our teachers have all taken Qur’anic recitation by talaqqi.  Additionally, enrichment lessons focusing on belief, rules of purification and prayer, Islamic manners, history, and Qur’anic tafsir are given in each session. the classes are dependent on the level placement.

Available for ages 5 to 15. Classes are divided into blocks depending on the level, and they are as follows:

Block 1: Monday, Wednesday at 5:00 pm EST

Block 2: Monday, Wednesday at 6:15 pm EST

Block 3: Tuesday, Thursday at 5:00 pm EST

Block 4: Tuesday, Thursday at 6:15 pm EST

All Blocks meet on Sunday at 5:00 pm EST for Islamic Studies.

The class schedule is dependent upon availability and level placement.